18 Responses to “Fantasia & Her Mom Sing He’s Done Enough”

  1. Rosa says:


  2. Dorothy says:

    This song is so wonderful and powerfull I cant stop praising the LORD.I need a copy of this song please. Fantasia and her mom song this song so good I play it on my computor alot over and over again. Thanks

  3. Kristina says:

    This songs gives me the chills everytime I hear it, I seen it on tv and now I watch it on my computer because i just can’t get enough. I even have my mother hooked on learning how to navigate the internet so she can watch it when I’m not around!

  4. Sharon says:

    I agree with Kristina. Fantasia and her mom sing this song with such conviction. You know that they believe what they are singing. It blesses me everytime I hear it.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I have listened to this song over and over again….. Everytime I do it sends a chill up and down my spine. I thank God for you and your mom, Fantasia…….Keep singing!

  6. Imani says:

    Fantasia you and your mom are great you both are beautiful people “He’s Done Enough” I thank God for you and your mom.

  7. Dequbanice Hollingswortrh says:

    Fantasia voice is anointed and she has a calling on her life. She is one of my favorite singers because she is sincere.

  8. Marcita says:

    Every time I watch Fantasia sing this song I cry. I may never realize how much God has blessed me in the natural, but my soul won’t let me forget that it belongs to God, and so I weep….

  9. nicola powell says:

    fantasia i do not know my mom nor my dad,your bless to have yours .Keep singing to god let him use u baby .I watch you on VHI,and your for real .Remeber when god have a calling on your life the devil gets mad.if god be for who could be against u. i have 6kids god make away for us. Keep your head up much love.

  10. Hello,

    Can someone tell me how to purchase this song!

  11. April in Arlington says:

    All I can say is Thank You, Jesus for blessing me to hear this song. It is so inspirational and I can truly say if the Lord don’t do nothing else for me…He’s done enough. I heard this song on Ricky Smiley’s Morning show on the way to work and dropping off the kids at school. I had to shout and praise God. Then I heard it again on the Sunday Morning gospel show on 94.5 KSOUL and had tears of Joy streaming down my face. May God Bless Fantasia, her mom and entire family.

  12. Listen I need Fantasia to come to my church and sing praise break here in WestAllis, Wi Balm In Gilead International. I want to thank for keeping me alive I was in a coma for three days 09/20/2010. Now the wants to say I cant sing something is wrong with my voice but just to say I need a praise break. I love Fantasia sing sing for me girl.

  13. fantasia god hands on u an your mom, when we all get to heaven i no where to find u
    u will be singing around god throne with mahalda jackson am so proud that i was your fan when i first saw u on america idol, keep up the great work until jesus come

  14. jayvon says:

    this song is very good 4 the soul

  15. Marilyn Stepney says:

    I love you Fantasia . I have listened to this song over and over, “He has done enough”. Fantasia, Please sing more gospel songs like this one. This song send chilli all through me. You sing that song with so much power

  16. brenda burke says:

    Fantasia is so anointed, so real i’ts no pretending or putting on a show this is real out of all the gosple singers out there she is the best nothing phonny about her.

  17. Fantasia you we’re Blest! Keep it up.


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