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Good News-Vanessa Bell Armstrong

Gospel Song “Good News” by Vanessa Bell Armstrong


"Monday we held it together and..Wednesday we had stormy weather and..Friday we prayed it all better and..Sunday we heard the news...."-Gospel song Good News is on Vanessa Bell Armstrong's The Experience CD.


2 Responses to “Good News-Vanessa Bell Armstrong”

  1. Cynthia Jammer says:

    This was beautifully done! I love Ms. Vanessa Bell Armstrong and this song is a great inspiration to me. Keep up the good work. Maybe some day before it’s too late I will be able to meet her.

  2. Vickie Ann Belser says:

    For everyday of the week I’ll say this is just what the doctor ordered. I love this song. I’ve heard it before and enjoyed it thoroughly. Sustenance, meaning, soul.

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