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I Want To Say Thank You by Lisa Page Brooks

Gospel Song I Want To Say Thank You by Lisa Page Brooks

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For every time that You protected me
When I didn’t know Your name
(Lord I say thank you).
How You loved on me and cared for me,
when I didn’t return the same, I.
(Lord I say thank you)

Now when it seemed like I was losing and I felt like giving up,
I (Lord I) I wanna say (say thank you).
Your love rushed in like a mighty flood and lifted me above, and I (Lord I)
I wanna say (say thank you).

I’ll be thanking You and praising You for the rest of my life.
For I’ve come to know the power of Your love and sacrifice.
(thank You for your sacrifice)
I appreciate all that You do
(everything You do, and I want to say)
Just want to say thank you

Well, how You kept your hand upon me though I’ve often gone astray,
Yeah I ….(Lord I say thank you).
And how Your spirit gently led me back to safety in Your way,
I wanna say, Lord I say thank You.
(and I’ll be thanking You)
I’ll be thanking You and praising You for the rest of my life.
For I’ve come to know the power of Your love and sacrifice.
I appreciate all that You do (I just want to say)
Just wanna to say thank you (all of my days) ,
Just want to say thank you.

(And I’ll give You praise)…just want to say thank you. Lord I thank You.
(Lord I thank You. Yes I do.
Right now I just want to say thank you)
I wanna say! (I wanna say wanna say)
I wanna say thank you. (I just want to say)
I gotta say! (Gotta say, gotta say it, thank you) I gotta say thank you!

(Now you’ve been good) I want to say
(And I want to say)
I want to say thank you
(That you’ve been kind)
I’ve gotta say
(Gotta say, please just let me say)
I’ve gotta say thank you
(You made a way)
I want to say
(You let me see a brand new day)
I want to say thank you
(You never let me go astray)
I gotta say
(And I gotta gotta gotta say)
I gotta say thank you
(Thank you for my family)
I want to say
(Thank you lord for keeping me)
I want to say thank you
(Thank you Lord for bringing me through)
I’ve got to say
(And I thank you for my husband too)
I gotta say thank you
(Thank you Lord for saving me)
I wanna say
(Thank you Lord for loving me)I wanna say thank you
(And I gotta gotta gotta say)
I’ve gotta say
(I want to say, gotta say thank you)
I’ve gotta say thank you
(Thank you thank you)


31 Responses to “I Want To Say Thank You by Lisa Page Brooks”

  1. Xavier Bell says:

    I love this song!!!!! I dont just like the music and the way u sing it (which is beautiful), i like the words also!! 🙂 Wish the best in your career!!

  2. Brenda Lewis-Boyd says:

    I love this song I will love to sing this song for church. But I don’t have the words to the song. It so beautiful and best wishes.

  3. Deanna simms says:




  4. Nay says:

    I too love your song. I love your voice. When i first heard it, I said WOW! I love that. Be blessed.

  5. shell says:

    I love this song! It touches my heart everytime i hear it it speaks volumes. Good Bless!

  6. Lisa says:

    All I would like to say is , I love this song, all we have to say is Thank you, that makes god proud…)

  7. Chell says:

    This song really touches my soul when I hear it. It really minstries to my spirit!! Praise God for your voice.

  8. Geri says:

    What a beautiful song in lyrics and music! I wish everyone could hear it and be blessed by it as I am.
    Praise God for such an anointed person. It comes through clearly in your delivery.

  9. melissa says:

    i love this song becuse its giving him the honor and the praise he deserves.the song is also about his mercy and love regardless were we been.He still love us so I thank you For allowing the holy spirt to move in you to hear God to write this songand to answer the call on your life to sing this song .GOD BLESS YOU

  10. hhimgod says:

    One of my sisters (in Christ) told me that every time they hear this song, it reminds them of me. I thank her, for even thinking of me. The words are very true, and she wants me to sing it. I am going to learn this song, for her, and in doing that, I will learn it for me too. Perhaps if I get to sing it, it will be for others. May God be praised, and yes I do thank him for ALL he has done for me and what he is doing now and will do. As our Pastor says (he is such a blessing) ‘HE HAS BLESSED US AGAIN’.

  11. Breanna says:

    Lisa, this song blesses my soul soooo much until I want to buy your CD. I love your voice and the words, the melody everything about is great. May you allow the Lord to continue to use u in song ministry. Dont let the seccular sway you.

  12. Lisa, as a minster of the gospel, this song has become a part of my soul. When I hear the lyrics coupled with the rhythm your voice, and the music, the Holy Spirit bathes my spirit and moves me to really appreciate the goodness of the Lord. The Lord has blessed you with a marvelous voice. I love it and I wish I had you to come to visit my congregation so we could shed the gospel in song in all of Elizabetown, KY.

  13. Nicole says:

    I absolutely love love love this song!!!! I’ve been listening & singing this song everyday since the first day I’ve heard it on the radio.. The lyrics are great and meaningful and it hit home each and every time I hear it. You voice is wonderful and you are truly blessed. If you’re ever in Georgia you should come visit Faith Christian Center in Smyrna Georgia..

  14. I am the Secretary @ Ebenezer B. C. in Flushing and when I first heard this song in my office, I went off, crying and turning the radio up real loud, and then I tried to find out who was singing this song the only name I heard when the song went off was brroks, so I called so many people to see if they knew who sang this song, I went on the unternet and found it and called everyone back and told them they have to hear this song. Now I have evryone who didn’t hear it, they hear it now and we share the same opinion, it is great and we love it thank you so much,
    Be Blessed Forever

  15. Barbara Young says:

    I truly love this song. Everytime I hear it, I get chills thinking by how good God is. This is my theme song.

  16. Mable Woods says:

    This song not only warms my soul, but is also my theme song. I have been going through a storm and Praise God, “The Storm Is Almost Gone”. I’m claiming victory right now. I know what prayer can do. I thank him for my storms because without them, there would be no victory. Thank you Sister Brooks for such a lovely song. You are a true song bird….be blessed.

  17. Melody Barjogar says:

    Thanks for making this song. As a breast cancer patient in my second year of survival Yes I too thank God for my life. As I listen to your song tears flow from my eyes as if the lords himself sent tears down from the sky to us showing just how much he loves and cares for us. Oh what a reason among many to say LORD I THANK YOU yes I do too!

    I hope to song this song in church someday.

    Thank You Lisa God is truly using you.

  18. April says:


  19. Cleo says:

    Praise Him!!! This song expresses how I feel right now in my life. And everytime I hear it, tears come….because I can’t seem to say Thank You enough to the Master! Thank you, Lord!!!! Lisa, you have touched my heart with the way you sing!!!

  20. Connie says:

    The 1st few times I heard your song. I was at work driving listening to Heaven 600. I kept missing your name as I was in awe in joy and in praise mode deep within my spirit. I went to my local Christian Book store to no avail. I searched on line still no success. I called the radio station and could not get through. Finally the last time I heard your voice and song I composed myself long enough to get your name. I looked it up online and at the end of this note, I am on my way to the store. I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your voice and spreading the word and such joy. Thank You

  21. yvonne says:

    Oh, my God! the very first time I heard this song I was brought to tears of joy and gratefulness to God for covering me during the times when I was not where I was supposed to be in Him. this song ministered to my spirit and brought me through the battle I was experiencing. This song is the song of all times.

  22. robin says:

    Lisa, when I first heard this song, I said that’s the girl from Witness (I still have my CD)! Your unique voice the Lord has blessed you with remains polished and beautiful. Welcome back! May the Lord continue to use your voice as He sees fit. I pray for peace and joy in the Holy Spirit as you minister His word. Keep Him first! Blessings!

  23. Marilyn says:

    I am an educator of women. As I spend time preparing for lessons, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month I’ve searched for a song for survivors; not just those who lived through the disease but their loved ones. Oh how this song blessed my soul, so I have to say “Thank You”.

  24. Prophetess Griffin says:

    Today was a fantasically blessed day in the Lord for me today. Why? Because I heard an anointed woman of God sing a song ” I Wanna Say Thank You” at a family and friends day at Love And Faith Christain Fellowship. When you think about all the things God have brought you through you can’t help but stop for a praise break and say thank you. Woman of God thanks for blessing me. I pray God continual blessing upon you.

    Thank You!!!

  25. Jeannette says:

    Lisa, I am blessed every time I hear your song. It touches my soul. We need more music to minister to our souls instead of our flesh. Even in my trails and tribulations, I need to tell the lord thank you because, He has done so much for me.
    Thank You

  26. india says:

    I love this song so much me and my soon to be friend are going to sing it together at a talent show for our choir.

  27. nellie says:

    riding in my car and heard this beautiful song. I immediately thought of a friend that had been going through sickness and I called her to tell her to go purchase this song.
    this song ministered to my spirit as well . I also had a sickness but
    god brought me through, so I say thank you

  28. rhonda says:

    Everytime I hear this song, it brings tears to my eyes. I have so much to be thankful for. Thanks Mrs. Lisa Page Brooks for making such a great song.

  29. linda says:

    I love your song!!! when you sing this song it speak to my spirit and I gotta say THANK YOU. May God continue to Bless

  30. Kim says:

    This song is food to my soul, everytime I hear it-it touches me so. I love it and I hope God continues to bless you.

  31. Edith says:

    This song should be everybody prayer. It is a powerful song. Although we hear this word
    daily. I love the song I listen to it every day.

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