11 Responses to “Kim Burrell at BET Honors 2010”

  1. Ed Diamond says:

    This is the definition of art. Each performer must cherish the opportunity
    to give the very best of their talent.
    Kim B, is an inspiration to all that aspire “worthy of mention”

  2. fefe says:

    Best Dedication Ever Sung!! I Love Kim Burrell she’s VERY Inspirational and I Love Whitney Houston as well This Performance gives me chill bumps every time! I don’t believe anyone could’ve done this song any better, it was from Beginning to End Excellent! I really enjoy watching this video from time to time Thanks to you guys yall allow me to due so πŸ™‚ God Bless!

    <3 fefe

  3. Mesmerized says:

    Kim Burrell. Words almost fail me. The reason this performance touched so many is because she was singing truth. She truly is Whitney’s friend and she is passionate about it. This was a performance for an audience of one. The rest of the people were just fortunate enough to be in the same room to hear it.

  4. Josh Lara says:

    This was amazing, at least we know now that Whitney has a true friend in her life. A superb performance by Miss Kim Burrell!!

  5. Andrea Dixon says:

    You can see how much they love each other and what close girlfriends/ sisters they are ! I have loved Witney since I heard her sing the first time. She is a sweet soul you can see it in her eyes.
    Her mom next to her should be so proud of what a fantastic person she has raised and Whitney should feel the same way about her daughter, they all have sweetness and kindness in they’re eyes and they reflects whats inside their hearts. Whitney I love you I believe ( because I don’t know you personally lol ) that you are the sweetest friend a girl can have and I just want to have a sleep over with all you girls eat pop corn and tell story’s that have touched our lives.
    I did not want to say anything about your singing because we all know about that ***** ( five stars for you girl).
    lots of love and hug’s

  6. Vanessa says:

    Kim’s personalized version of the song to Whitney is a wonderful example of the expression “giving flowers to love ones while they are alive”. What a beautiful expression of true love & friendship. I did not see the 2010 BET Honors. I am viewing Kim’s tribute for the first time which is after Whitney’s passing. It is so touching, I cry each time that I view it. I have forwarded it to others hoping it will serve as an example of being a true friend no matter what a person’s circumstances are. Peace & Blessings.

  7. Terri Hudson says:

    You can tell that Kim Burrell really loved Whitney! That’s a rare and true friend. Kim was blessed to have her!

  8. Amber Mia says:

    I love this tribute. Kim Burrell is such a great singer and I love seeing Whitney love it. I watch this video EVERY day, at least twice a day now. It’s so beautiful.

    RIP Whitney <3
    We love you.

  9. steph says:

    pure joy!

  10. Andrea says:

    This is what you call an unconditional friendship w/love

  11. Thelma says:

    Iam not a celebrity fan, when Whitney died I felt like her spirit was there with me, and when I seen her tribute to Kim, I cried because Whitney loved Kim and she preached her love to Kim, she told the story to the world on how Kim touched her life, with love and how she was always there for her, no matter what time of day or night Kim was there for her, and now seeing this tribute from Kim to Whitney, God truly but them together, it was meant to be(true sisters), I truly believe that they helped each other in love and spiritually. I want to thank you Kim, for always being there for Whitney, all that she had being going through, she never lost the love for the Lord, but she needed someone to hold her hand and giving her encouragment, and with your love for her, she gained her boldness in the Lord , and if any one seen your Installation, Whitney was anointed with the Holy Ghost and preached to Kim, we all know that when Whitney made up her mind to do something she gave her all, and I believe that she was getting ready to make a big change in her life with the Lord, and jealious came in the mist. Love you Kim, Whiney will always be with you in the spirit for you were her angel in the flesh.

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