9 Responses to “Rance Allen Group-Something About The Name Jesus”

  1. tina morris says:

    good morning,

    I only caught the second half of the 2010 Gospal show. I did not know who the gentlemen was who was singing this song. Well every morning I listen to Steve Harvey show, he played the song Something about the name Jesus.

    I came in the office and as I’m typing this comment I am listen to this song!

    I will be playing this song each monning,

    God Bless

  2. patricia chamberlain says:

    I turned to BET and my soul was filled with joy and happiness when I seen and heard the Rance Allen Group singing Something about the name Jesus. That song came into my life at the right time! I needed uplifted…and that song did it for me. Love it! THANK YOU

  3. Latrice says:

    The Rance Allen Group “sung that song!” Filled my heart with so muh joy. I love, love it!

  4. Kim Floyd says:

    I listen to Steve Harvey every morning of course on the way to work. Yes it is truly something about the song by Rance Allen, that truly makes my day. I thank Steve for being such an inspiration every morning. Thanks Steve. May God bless u always.

  5. lonnie says:

    if you want to know what god sounds like ,now you know . this is one of the many voices the lord speaks through god bless this group of brothers and the sucess they will recieve. lonnie

  6. Donna Young says:

    I watched the entire show anticipating the Rance Allen Group. Little did I know the Rance Allen Group was going to sing my favorite song. When your laying in a bed taking chemotherapy and you need inspiration there is something about the name JESUS! I can’t get enough or listen to this song enough. It blesses me in the morning, noon, evening, night and especially when the devil is trying to move in and take over. There is something about the name JESUS that makes chemo seem like nothing. One more time and forever more there is Something About The Name Jesus! Donna

  7. snuffy says:

    Thank you God for all!!

  8. Jackie J says:

    omg me and my mother was watching the celebration today and when rance allen performed “Something about the name Jesus” it went thru my body and touched my soul … me and my mom both just sat there watching in amazement … with tears in our eyes … and that is why i am on here right now to buy that song

  9. Pam says:

    “Yes!!! thank you almighty God in the Precious name of your Precious son Jesus, for this hym, oh my God, this is beautiful.

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